The Cat Show App - Version 1.0

  • What is it?

  • What does it do, and what does it not do?

  • Upcoming versions and features

  • What is this going to cost?

  • I don't have a smart phone/I want to keep using a paper catalog

What is it?

The Cat Show App is, as the name indicates, an app. It is available for Android as well as for iOS (Apple) based systems.
It will run on your smartphone or your tablet.

TOES is focussed on listing and entering shows and allows the clubs to create all necessary show documents. 

The Cat Show App is focussed on replacing the paper catalogs with an app, providing a 'smart' catalog. This means exhibitors can use their phones/tablets to mark their results.
But there is more, a lot more, as you will see below.


What does it do, and what does it not do?

An exhibitor can:

  • look at a show calendar (listing only shows using the app)
  • load the catalog for a show onto their phone (becomes available only shortly before the show)
  • select entries for which they would like to receive notifications (being called to the ring, final,..)
  • mark the results
  • enable/disable mechanics checking in the app (it will not allow you to enter mechanically impossible results if enabled)
  • see the count for each ring/class
  • enter and look at final results

A ring clerk can (for their ring only!):

  • page entries to the ring (send notifications for 1st, 2nd and 3rd call; but can also send notifications to call the entries, that are needed for the final, to the ring)
  • release entries from the ring (send notifications for the cats to be picked up from the ring)
  • mark results for their ring - these will be checked for mechanical errors (the results will be sent to the master clerk automatically
  • transfer cats to another class (notifications are sent to the master clerk and to all other rings that have not yet judged this entry)
  • receive absentees, late entries and transfers from the master clerk automatically
  • see an absentee and transfer list (this can be shared with the judge)
  • add an entry 
  • scan/photograph the judge's slip and send it to the master clerk
  • see a list of missing pages from the judge's book (i.e. pages not yet scanned/sent to the master clerk)

The master clerk can

  • transfer entries (updates are pushed to the ring clerks with a notification)
  • set cats absent for the session, day or entire show weekend (updates are pushed to the ring clerks with a notification)
  • add cats (updates are pushed to the ring clerks with a notification)
  • confirm results from the ring, effectively making the result final and locking the ring clerk out of updating that result (this prevents abuse)
  • see a list of missing results per ring/overall

The app will also:

  • provide a webpage that can be displayed on projectors, showing all entry numbers as they are present/called in each ring - real-time
  • offer space for advertisement by sponsors
  • do instant scoring of the show
  • create a fully digital master catalog
  • provide scanned judges books and marked catalog to the TICA executive office 
  • provide each exhibitor with a title claim form, for each of their entries, complete with all results/scores 


Upcoming versions and features?

The items in italic are not complete in the current version, and will be added and activated in the coming months


What is this going to cost?

The clubs that want to use the app will pay a flat fee per show. This fee is much lower than what it typically costs to print catalogs, and... it saves a LOT of time for the club!


I don't have a smartphone/I want to keep using a paper catalog

The club can offer both paper and electronic catalogs. It is the prerogative of each club to decide how they want to provide the catalog.

Note: in TOES there is a report that the clubs could offer to those not able/willing to use the electronic catalog. It is a slimmed down version, containing only the information pertinent to the exhibitor's entries. It should suiffice for the exhibitor to write down their color, division, breed and final results.